Tā Derek Lardelli – Video

At the re-opening karakia of the ‘Ko Rongowhakaata’ exhibition conducted at Te Papa earlier this year, Rongowhakaata acknowledged Tā Derek Lardelli in support of his recent knighthood. It was here that he determined the time was right to bring moko back to Rongowhakaata.

Te Aho Tāmiro Mokopapa will be the first mokopapa conducted by Tā Derek in Rongowhakaata since he began this kaupapa 30 years ago, and he sees this as one way of giving back to his people, with special consideration to those who have supported him, and over the years been staunch to the moko kaupapa.

Te Aho Tāmiro Mokopapa will be held on January 7th, 2021,

This is a one day only event, with this in mind only five moko kauae are able to be completed by Tā Derek however he has engaged the support of additional  Rongowhakaata moko artists including Joni and Henare Brooking to cater to those that wish to carry this taonga. It is important to note that, to keep numbers manageable, this first wananga is expressly for Rongowhakaata ahikaa who are actively involved in marae, hapu, and iwi matters and have an active commitment to Manutuke. Part of the aim of this Mokopapa being to strengthen our hau kaenga.

Kia raranga mai te takapau. Let the ancestral mats of our whare be woven in order for our taonga to return. Ma nga wahine te tapu o te whare e hiki. The primary focus of this wananga is Moko Kauae, however a register will be taken for Tane that wish to receive Moko Kanohi for consideration at a future mokopapa.

Chrissy Moetara is the contact person for people interested in receiving Moko Kauae or Mataora. Please email her at mokopaparongowhakaata@gmail.com to register your interest before 3 pm Friday 18th December 2020.

Once a list of all persons interested in receiving moko is collated, we will confirm the names of the participants for the 7th of January Mokopapa. Please note that some registered participants may miss out due to volume. In the event that number of registrations exceed the capacity of the moko artists a second mokopapa will be arranged, at which time our (wider Rongowhakaataa whanau/Taura here) may also register.

Finally, we are working to advise all participants and artists before Christmas. When registering with Chrissy, you will need to state your name, contact details and provide a short korero about yourself, along with any information you think might be useful for the moko artists to know beforehand.

More information will be posted as we get closer to the date.