Rongowhakaata Rautaki Reo Wānanga
Rongowhakaata Iwi Trust
September 29, 2022

Tāia! Tāia!
Tāia te mata arero 

Ki te pū o te reo, ki te hā o te reo,
ki te weu o te reo, ki te aka o te reo,
ki te aponga o te reo, ki te ahunga o te reo,
ki te kuneiti o te reo, ki te kunerahi o te reo
ki te awaawa o te reo, ki te tamaku o te reo

Ka hua mai ai ko te mauri o te reo
Mauri ā-nuku, Mauri ā-rangi
Koia te mauri nā ngā atua
Koia te takoha nā ngā atua

Tēnei te mauri ka whakapiki
Tēnei te mauri ka whakakake
Tēnei te mauri o te reo
e whētero mai nei i taku waha
ki te whei ao, ki te ao mārama

Uhi! Wero! Tau mai te mauri!

Haumi e! Hui e! Tāiki e!

During the week of 24-27 August 2020, Rongowhakaata Rautaki Reo held our very first online wananga series ‘Ko Rongowhakaata’. Indeed, the online approach is a new one, but through our Covid experiences we have grown in confidence to test our innovation in this uncharted space.. 

Te Rautaki Reo o Rongowhakaata premises that te reo o Rongowhakaata connects the breadth of Rongowhakaata to the depth of identity and connection to our source. In this regard we wanted to celebrate Rongowhakaata champions of Te Reo Maori in all their different shapes and forms. Our Reo champions have grown from within the context of our whānau, hapu, marae and hapori, it is inclusive of our whenua, our maunga, our awa and moana. Again, it is in our stories that sit upon the walls of our whare and within the memories of our people.

‘Ko Rongowhakaata’ held korero with ‘The Aunties’, who were part of the early years of Te Whānau Reo Maori o Te Kura o Manutūkē 35 years on, the graduates of the new millenium and a conversation with David Jones who spoke from his context growing up in the heart of Ngati Maru, Tuaraki Road. The wananga concluding with a reflection from members of the group that worked on the development of Te Rautaki Reo o Rongowhakaata

Our first series of online wānanga, saw unprecedented numbers engage in a wānanga forum with 1,700 clicks, shares and comments, 3,400 views and drew participants from Tūranga, throughout Aotearoa and Australia.

From Sunday, 27 September we launch the second of our ‘Ko Rongowhakaata’ wānanga, running over four consecutive nights we begin with the 3rd Year Anniversary of the ‘Ko Rongowhakaata’ Exhibition event, Monday will be some fun times spent with our rangatahi currently in tertiary study, a conversation with the current Kaiako of Te Whanau Reo Maori o Manutūkē and finally a conversation with members from one of the ‘Stalwart’ whanau of Papatu Road.

The iwi aspires for a thriving reo…one that is lived, and whose values and qualities seep into every aspect of life for the Rongowhakaata individual. Join us again for what will be another week hearing our voices, talking about our place.

Images by Dexter Waru

‘Ko Rongowhakaata’ 3rd year Exhibition Anniversary

Sunday, 27 September is the 3rd Year Anniversary of the ‘Ko Rongwhakaata’ Exhibition installation at Te Papa, it also signals the period of time that Rongowhakaata has held the position of Iwi in Residence.

Shifting Covid-19 levels led to a reconsidered approach to an event that would otherwise have been held in and around our ‘Ko Rongowhakaata Exhibition.

The 3rd Year Anniversary of ‘Ko Rongowhakaata’ will premiere on Sunday 27 September as an online wananga event, In line with the second series of the ‘Ko Rongowhakaata’ online wananga. This will be a three phase event, beginning with a video that reflected the journey of ‘Ko Rongowhakaata’ from the Marae Exhibitions to the Tairawhiti Museum to its installation at Te Papa. A panel discussion with Tapunga Nepe, Aunty Romia Whaanga and John Moetara, will lead us from the concept to exhibition. Part of our exhibition journey, a live zoom wānanga will enable our whanau to discuss and share their thoughts on our 3 years as Iwi in residence at Te Papa.

The Anniversary event was a chance to inform iwi, and to seed the idea that we need to think about, what the closing of Ko Rongowhakaata Exhibition at Te Papa will mean? He kai ma te whakaaro.


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