Kaitieki o Ngati Maru, Ngati Kaipoho, Ngai Tawhiri, Ngati Ruapani ki Turanga


The following artists kindly donated their work towards the recent auction to raise funds for Toko Toru Tapu restoration.

Sandy Adsett – He Rere

Title of Work: “He Rere”    Medium: multi-media – printing ink, acrylic paint and ink pen on paper

Sandy Adsett – Kahungunu – was born on the East Coast in Wairoa in 1939. He has been a primary mover and shaker of Visual Arts, Maori since the 1950s. His contribution toward developing structural systems of support for this specialised area has been relentless.  A true exponent of merging the traditional with a contemporary overlay. Sandy is particularly influenced by the labyrinth qualities of kowhaiwhai – rafter patterns, his fastidious layers of flat acrylic on board is immediately recognisable.

Google Sandy or check him out at Contemporary Maori Visual Arts, Toimairangi, Te Wananga o Aotearoa, Hastings

Colin McKenney – Vanishing Point

Colin McKenney is well known throughout the surfing community, with his photos appearing all over the world, on billboards, in news releases, and on surf2surf.com.  Colin’s affinity with the ocean, has a strong bearing on subject matter, with the enhancement of old structures adding depth to the pictures.  With a longtime interest in the arts, Colin has been runner up in poetry competitions, and is continually being published under different nom-de-plumes, in monthly magazines.  Colin recently donated a piece for auction in Tauranga and his work is in high demand.  It was only fitting that this piece come to Gisborne to be auctioned given its provenance and inspiration.  This photo is from a limited edition where it is number 1 in this edition.

Contact details for Colin McKenney are 0274435664 or slipperystick@yahoo.co.nz

John Moetara – Ta Moko

John Moetara is a local and accomplished Ta Moko Artist who grew up next door to the Toko Toru Tapu Church. John’s an accomplished Maori Visual and Performing Artist and custom Ta Moko designs are his specialty.  Each unique Ta Moko is created especially for the recipient as living art works that represent things that are important to them.  John is doing Ta Moko in Australia this week and is very pleased that he can still contribute to this special kaupapa today because of his very strong connections to Manutuke and the Church.

Google Johnny Moetara or contact him directly – moetara.ink@gmail.com

Corinne Lidgard – Harakeke Bodice

One morning, about five years ago Corinne awoke to a feeling that weaving was something that she just had to do. Until that moment she had not really held any interest in weaving; there were always other things to do, and with no weavers in the family, it have never been around her. Now weaving is her passion, or what her children would call her obsession.  Corrine loves learning about raranga mahi toi. She travels away to attend wananga whenever she gets the chance and her face sparkles when she talks about the opportunities that she now has to learn and share her passion with others.  Corrine uses a lot of colour in her work. She makes all manner of kete, and she has also begun to weave the female form, interpreting it in her own way, with a delicate touch.

To contact Corrine or commission her work, you can contact her on camryora@hotmail.com or 068628610

Derek Lardelli

Derek is nationally and internally known in the arts and business community because of the craft whether it be art, ta moko or kapa haka.  Derek has kindly donated this print to support our auction and because of his whanau links to this area. One our favourite sons, respected Uncles and most loved whanaunga.

Check Derek out through Toihoukura

Sandy Paratene

Sandy has been weaving for more than 30 years.  She was blessed to have been taught by one of our master weavers “Nanny Mate Ratapu”.  Her learnings are reflective and obvious in the work that she produces.  Sandy’s work is in the British museum and has appeared in a number of high profile locations around the country.  Sandy’s work is truly beautiful and in demand given that she only weaves for special occasions.

Simon Lardelli – Artist

Simon has been practising art for many years now. He first left Gisborne to study at Waiariki Institute of Technology in 1989, spending 4 years there beginning his career as a carver. In 1993 he started what was to be another 4 year stint carving the wharenui (meeting house) Ihenga, with renowned carver and artist Lionel Grant. Simon then returned to Waiariki, this time in a teaching capacity. 12 years of learning, practising and giving.  In 2002, Simon came home with his whanau, returning in large part for the lifestyle that Gisborne offers. He spent six months carving Pa Waha with Nathan Foote at Lytton High School, until assuming a teaching position at Toihoukura following on from Sandy Adsett, which lasted five years. Since leaving Toihoukura at the end of 2007, Simon has worked on various restoration projects as well as a year with the Tairawhiti Museum re-housing Maori taonga. He now concentrates on his own work, alongside mentoring rangatahi in self awareness through Maori art – a job which he finds satisfying and rewarding.
Simon can be contacted for commission work on: (06) 867 4740 / 027 724 4424 simonlardelli@gmail.com

Peggy Ericson

A love of the land, sea and vegetation provides strong influences for Gisborne sculptural artist Peggy Ericson.

Her background provides a rich influential mix. Her birth and first eight years in Nairobi; her ensuing formative years in Nelson, New Zealand where she was immersed in the world of potters, pottery and artistic pursuits; and, since 1985, the bounteous isolation of Gisborne and the East Coast.

Drina Hawea

Drina is a local artist who has been weaving for a number of works.  As well as her love of weaving she is accomplished in a number of other art forms.  She has donated a number of her artworks for auction to support kaupapa that she is passionate about and has close links with.

Terry Jacques – Waikaremoana

Terry is a local boy and started his painting career in 1989 when they left to go to the UK.  He has always been a doodler but never developed his passion until then.  Terry has kindly donated his work named “Waikaremoana”.

Steve Gibbs – Paoa the Navigator

Steve Gibbs is a prolific artist and arts educator, a surfer, sportsperson, and central figure in the Tairawhiti art scene. In his early days, Gibbs saw himself as primarily a ‘sports teacher, with a strong education background’.  In his masters thesis Gibbs states,  ‘Art for me was a saviour’, a way of seeing, digesting and understanding human and cultural history. He also describes it as a way to navigate himself safely through the difficult years of the education system, engendering a philosophy that no doubt later influenced his teaching style at Toihoukura, Tairawhiti Polytechnic.

Track Steve down at Toihoukura

Jual Toroa

Jual is a Mother, Teacher and Artist who hails from the centre of the universe Muriwai. Teaching art at Te Kura Kaupapa o Waiu in Ruatoria and raising five beautiful kids Jual manages to draw energy and inspiration in creating  pottery pou. Juals works are fired and marketed in Auckland. Check out her facebook and google

Justine Ropata – Rongowhakaata

Justine hails from Manutuke.  She has recently started weaving and has drawn a lot of her inspiration from home and her great grandmother “Wairakau Waipara”.

Toihoukura –  School of Maori Visual Art & Design , Tairawhiti Polytechnic, Turanga (Gisborne)
(06) 8690 847

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