Kaitieki o Ngati Maru, Ngati Kaipoho, Ngai Tawhiri, Ngati Ruapani ki Turanga

Register Online

To make it easier to register with Rongowhakaata you now have an online registration option here.

The Iwi Register is a listing of Iwi members who affiliate to Rongowhakaata. If you are 18 years and over, being a registered iwi member entitles you to participate in voting processes, to be nominated for election to iwi positions, and to receive communication on what the Trust is doing on your behalf. The register is an important database of information about the iwi and it is useful for the projection of future needs and strategic planning. All Iwi members are encouraged to register themselves and their children to become eligible beneficiaries. Parents or guardians may sign on behalf of those under 18 years.

If you prefer you can still print out and fill in the registration form and send in.

If you have any other questions or need help with your registration, please email us or call 0-800-RONGOWHAKAATA.

Deed of Settlement and PSGE Voting Results

I hereby declare the results for the ratification poll held by ballot box collection at the information hui and postal and internet voting between 19 August and 16 September 2011.

Resolution 1: That the Deed of Settlement be accepted and approved for signing on behalf of Rongowhakaata by the mandated signatories.

Votes Received
YES/AE 548

The majority (being 96.14%) of those voting on Resolution 1 voted YES/AE.

I therefore declare that Resolution 1 is ACCEPTED.

Resolution 2: That the Rongowhakaata Settlement Trust be approved as the governance entity to receive the Rongowhakaata redress and the Nga Uri o Te Kooti Rikirangi Settlement Trust be
approved as the governance entity to receive the Nga Uri o Te Kooti Rikirangi Redress.

Votes Received
YES/AE 543
The majority (being 96.79%) of those voting on the second resolution voted YES/AE.
I therefore declare that Resolution 2 is ACCEPTED.

Resolution 3: Strategic Investment Option 1 – That Rongowhakaata pursue a farm land acquisition strategy and accept a return on assets of 3% to 4%.
Strategic Investment Option 2 – That Rongowhakaata pursue a highest return on assets strategy and accept a return on assets no less than 6%.

Votes Received

The majority (being 52.16%) of those voting on the third resolution voted that Rongowhakaata pursue a highest return on assets strategy and accept a return on assets no less than 6%.

Resolution 4: That the Rongowhakaata Charitable Trust be able to allow the use of my registration information by the Rongowhakaata Post Settlement Governance Entities and my primary marae for the sole purpose of communications and keeping me fully informed on Rongowahakaata developments.

Votes Received
YES/AE 554

The majority (being 97.36%) of those voting on the fourth resolution voted YES/AE.
I therefore declare that Resolution 4 is ACCEPTED.

The Voter Return Percentage was 35.87%, being 576 votes received from 1,606 eligible electors, of which 204 (35.42%) voted via the internet and 372 (64.58%) voted by post or at the information hui.

Dated at Christchurch this 22nd day of September 2011.
Warwick Lampp
Returning Officer – Rongowhakaata
0508 666 556

Trustee Election – Meet the Candidates

Rongowhakaata Iwi Trust Trustee Elections 2011

“Meet the Candidates”

E nga uri o Rongowhakaata, tena koutou

The candidates standing for the Rongowhakaata Iwi Trust in the upcoming elections will be available to discuss their candidacy at the following times at the marae that they are seeking to represent:

4pm, 1 October 2011: Whakato Marae, Manutuke Marae and Pahou Marae
4pm, 2 October 2011: Ohako Marae
9am, 8 October 2011: Te Kuri a Tuatai Marae

Any queries can be directed to Willie Te Aho (willie.teaho@icsolutions.co.nz and 021768462).

Willie Te Aho
Lead Negotiator, Rongowhakaata

Click here to vote for the Trustee Election

Rongowhakaata Membership Roll

Negotiations are getting close to a Deed of Settlement of the historical Treaty claims of Rongowhakaata including Nga Uri o Te Kooti Rikirangi.

Rongowhakaata will soon be asked to vote in a postal ballot on the settlement and Post Settlement Governance Entity arrangements to receive the settlement redress.

If you are a member of Rongowhakaata, please make sure that you and all of your whanau (including those overseas) are registered so that we can contact you.

Go here to download a membership form or call 0800 RONGOWHAKAATA or email info@rongowhakaata.iwi.nz and we  will send you a membership form.

Agenda – Special General Meeting 28th August, 2011

Rongowhakaata Hui A Iwi commencing at 9.30am

Rongowhakaata Special General Meeting commencing at 11am

Sunday, 28 August 2011

at Te Kuri a Tuatai Marae, Lytton Road, GISBORNE

The Rongowhakaata Charitable Trust (“RCT”) unanimously agreed on 29 July 2011 that a Special General Meeting (“SGM”) will be held on 28 August 2011 to formally approve the
changes to the RCT constitution as agreed by Rongowhakaata on 25 June 2011.  This was publicly notified at the Rongowhakaata Hui a Iwi held on 30 July 2011.

The SGM will be preceded by the monthly Hui a Iwi where the Rongowhakaata Settlement Trust, as approved on 30 July 2011, will be formally approved together with the proposed
Strategic Business Plan for Turanga Group Holdings.

Copies of all documentation for the Rongowhakaata Hui a Iwi and RCT SGM will be available from the RCT Office, Manutuke, from 21 August 2011.  For any queries,
please contact the Rongowhakaata Lead Negotiator (Willie Te Aho) through willie.teaho@icsolutions.co.nz or 021768462.

Tutekawa Wyllie

Rongowhakaata Charitable Trust             

Hui A Iwi Reminder Notice & Venue Change

Rongowhakaata Charitable Trust

Rongowhakaata Hui A Iwi

Saturday, 30 July 2011
Whakato Marae, Whakato Road, MANUTUKE
Commencing at 10.00am.

Please note that the venue has changed to Whakato Marae


1.   Karakia / Mihi

2.  Apologies

3.  Treaty Claims Update

  • Deed of Settlement
  • PSGE Update

4.   Previous Minutes – Hui a Iwi 25.6.11

5.   Financial Report

6.   Rongowhakaata Charitable Trust Update

  • Company Reports
  • Marae Reports

7.   General Business


Tutekawa Wyllie
Rongowhakaata Trust